en-core provides a data consulting methodology EDF™ (Enterprise Data Framework) which was completed by the past 20 years of data consulting know-how
    including data design, integration, migration, performance management, quality management, and governance. Based on this, we deliver DataWare™,
    an integrated data management service for enterprises, along with consulting services to leading large companies in Korea. We also built a data service
    center to develop a platform for data processing and cleaning to provide services and data analysis consulting throughout the process, analysis,
    and distribution of customers' internal or external big data.

    Specialized in Data Business

    • Over 1,000


    • Over 500


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      Total Data Service Provider

    • Over 23years data Business experience
      • Data design, implementation, data governance, data system implementation
      • Independent know-how to build a corporate data system
      • A group of data experts who have experienced data consulting and system implementation in various industries
    • Encore's data methodology
      • Unique data methodology based on data consulting experience in various fields from large projects to unit tasks
    • Data Management Framework “DATAWARE™
      • Integrated data management solution that enables efficient implementation of corporate data systems
      • Supports all processes from data design to utilization with 10 specialized data solutions
    • Total Data Service Provider
      • The best data business company
      • All-in-One Data Business Platform provided
    Company en-core(www.en-core.com)
    CEO 이화식
    Address 서울시 서초구 서초대로 46길 42 엔코아타워
    Contact Tel 02-754-7301  /  Fax 02-754-7305
    Established Nov 13, 1997
    Capital 10 billion
    Employees 150 people
    Business Data Solution/Data Consulting/Data Service/Education/Book Publishing
    Association Kdata/KOSA
    Group Metanet